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20 Effective Ways to Clear and Protect Against Negative Energy : Conscious Life News

By Banu Sekendur | Wake Up World

We stay in a world of duality, as it is meant to be. Which means there’s good and dangerous as well as proper and flawed. This yin-yang principle exists inside and with out. The rationale why the earth aircraft is a superb faculty for a soul’s enlargement is this very cause. If there was no duality, there can be no ache, no pleasure, no selection, and no progress.

This principally signifies that there are individuals and energies that we encounter who supply us the lessons we’d like while we stroll our path right here. At occasions, this reality merely points to studying how to work with, clear and shield towards unfavourable power. I discover it to be lots like a video game, truly. Perhaps earth life is our Dungeons and Dragons area. We get better on the recreation as we maintain enjoying it.

Although this text is usually for HSP (Highly Sensitive Individuals), empaths and intuitive, it applies to everyone strolling on this planet. Anyone could be affected by decrease energies, particularly during occasions of high-stress and transition. Typically we appeal to, obtain and take in lower energies from individuals or in our surroundings. That is part of the sport and going by way of those experiences help us increase as people and souls. That’s the story I’m sticking with anyway. Your guess is nearly as good as mine since we all expertise amnesia as we incarnate.

What Are A few of the Signs That You Have Picked Up Negative Energies?

  • You could get dropped calls, or a sudden, passing static on your telephone whereas talking to someone at a location the place you don’t usually have that experience.
  • You might start feeling depressed out of the blue (!) and you’re not clinically depressed.
  • Instantly, you possibly can’t log into your checking account (or another online account) and maintain getting an error message although your internet connection seems to be robust.
  • You get extraordinarily drained unexpectedly and really feel the need to take a nap regardless that you are not sleep-deprived.
  • You are feeling resistant to serving to yourself, or giving yourself one thing you understand you need (i.e. You might resist eating if you end up truly hungry).
  • Your throat feels sore as should you’ve caught a flu virus (typically that is how our body reacts to the lower power).
  • You lose your home keys or your pockets, lock your automotive keys inside your automotive, or have one thing you worth stolen.
  • An e-mail you despatched out doesn’t reach its meant recipient and hours later you get a mailer daemon message.
  • Rapidly, your thoughts starts spinning on unfavourable thoughts about someone or a state of affairs of the previous (which you had completed inside work on to clear), and so forth. Regardless of how arduous you attempt to wave them off, they stick to you like chewing gum on asphalt beneath 90 levels.
  • You interact in behaviors which are towards self-love, resembling spending cash on unnecessary buying, whenever you don’t have the finances for it, and so forth. That is particularly valid whether it is out of character for you to achieve this.

The chances are countless, so finally it’s up to each of us to acknowledge and make notice of those patterns, as they’re personal. It took me a number of years to acknowledge what occurs to me when I’m affected by lower energies. Experiencing a mixture of these on the same day, or in a brief amount of time – especially if they don’t seem to be regular occurrences – may help you see what is occurring. It turns into clearer as you study to tune-in your awareness.

Once I recognize that I have picked up decrease energies, I exploit a number of of the strategies (described under) collectively, to clear my mind, physique, and power subject of this lower vibration. No one deserves to plug into your power, and you could have the fitting to command that they depart you alone. The reverse can also be true, even whether it is unintentional.

Listed here are 20 Methods That Work to Clear Lower Energies, Especially If You Combine Several of them:

1. Set a robust intention to clear these energies

Place both arms on your heart and say your intention out loud. You possibly can write it on a bit of paper and burn it in addition to voicing it. Repeat your intention a couple of occasions. We achieve and lose plenty of power from our throat chakra. Use your voice for clearing and protection.

2. Yawn away the unfavorable power

Yawning is claimed to be a fantastic software for clearing. You could not really feel like yawning but when you start doing the yawning motion and appearing as in case you are very tired and need to take a nap, chances are you’ll be stunned to find that the yawning continues. You can do this proper after you set the intention mentally and really feel a robust resistance towards utilizing your voice to call on your energy and for divine assist.

three. Play drums or drum music within the background

Should you don’t have a drum at residence, don’t fret. Youtube has many videos of shamanic, African or Native American drum music. Discover one that you simply like and start enjoying that in the background when you apply a few of the methods mentioned here. If this doesn’t attraction to you, then go to a picket desk or desk you might have and begin drumming together with your arms.

four. Use a smudge stick

White Sage is probably the most well-known herb used for this clearing method, but a bunch of dried Rosemary, Cedar, Mugwart or Sweetgrass (reduce from your backyard) all work nicely too – see here. Mild the smudge stick and when you’ve gotten a great flame, blow it out, and utilizing the smoke, begin together with your body. Circle all seven of your chakras and all your outer power area. Don’t overlook the underside of your ft. As you undergo each chakra, pull your arm away from that area (as should you’re pulling a shawl off of your neck with one hand).

When you’ve smudged your physique, taking needed precautions towards dropping scorching embers as you go, using the facility of your intention, go around the complete room (or the whole house) with the smudge stick in your hand still smoldering, making sure you get into all the corners and underneath furnishings. Open one (or a number of) windows for the odor and the decrease energies to depart the area as you command them out mentally or together with your voice! When you’ve got cash points (especially if it popped up that day or very lately), clear your purse or pockets with the smoke as properly. In case your pc is appearing up otherwise you’re getting bounced e mail messages, clear your pc too. Electronics get effected quick and this serves as an indication that you’ve picked up unfavorable power.

20 Effective Ways to Clear and Protect Against Negativity

5. Say a clearing and protection prayer/mantra

Here is an instance:

I, (insert your full identify), refuse permission for any dwelling and non-physical being to enter my body, mind, soul, spirit and power area for intentions which might be aside from love. I break all contracts, vows and agreements I may need made knowingly or unknowingly in all time, area, and dimension that in any means diminish the fullest expression of my joyful soul essence. I break these agreements from this second backwards, by means of every expertise of my past, and from this second ahead until the top of all time. I command that these energies and individuals to depart my area NOW! They haven’t any power over me. I ask for divine safety from these energies, that they NOT return to my power area in any means, and for any purpose. I now construct a defend of light round me with this coronary heart intention and my free will. I thanks that it’s already completed.

As with a few of the different methods talked about, you could have to repeat this several occasions and should say it out loud. You’ll be able to even place your proper hand over your throat gently to feel the vibration as you say this prayer. Be happy to modify this prayer to your liking. Nothing is forged in stone.

6. Use a rattle to break up the power into a zillion small pieces

Identical to the drums, in case you don’t have a rattle, put some pennies in an empty plastic drink bottle (or topper-ware) and shake it in a approach what feels proper to you. It’s simpler when you transfer around in your area when you’re doing this.

7. Burn lemon or orange peels

Use a cheese grater to get some peels and throw them into a non-stick pan to prepare dinner for a short time. Do that as should you’re sauteing onions. The odor could be very pleasant and uplifting. It’ll refill your area to repel any decrease energies that could be lurking in it.

8. Chuckle it off

Laughter is just not only the most effective drugs for illness however it is a very effective device for clearing lower power. Joy is the very best vibration there’s, so it works superbly for canceling out lower vibrations. You in all probability gained’t feel like laughing when underneath the influence of those adverse energies. So, pull up some funny movies on Youtube to watch. I’ve a handful of favorite comedians whose bits make me snort out loud. Some examples are Wanda Sykes, Jim Gaffigan, Louie C.Okay., Chris Rock, Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, and Aziz Ansari to identify a couple of. Little question you have got your favorites too.

9. Mild a candle

One candle ought to be sufficient (you’ll be able to mild multiple if that feels proper) with the intention that the flame absorbs and melts away these lower energies. I exploit white emergency candles that I hold useful at residence for this objective and typically let it burn all the best way till it’s all gone. Then I throw it in the garbage. It’s also possible to bury it somewhere in your yard. Before buying candles, please be cautious about where your candles are manufactured.

10. Use sea salt

Genuine sea salt could be costly. I exploit it symbolically and don’t use loads of it. It’s all about intention. The placebo impact works for a cause! You possibly can sprinkle some into heat water, mix it nicely and drink it. Or you possibly can draw a scorching tub and put a number of tablespoons of it in the tub to soak in. When you don’t have a tub, you’ll be able to take a shower. In both instances, set the intention that the water will pull away from the unfavourable power because it goes over your physique and into the drain, again to mother earth to be cleared.

11. Create an ‘attractor’ for lower energies

Pour a glass of water and set the intention that decrease energies which might be in your area can be absorbed by this water. Maintain the glass crammed with water until your power feels clear and free. Then pour the water in the bathroom and flush it, or pour it out within the yard for the decrease power to be reworked back into love by mom earth.

20 Ways to Clear Negative Energies - Skip Like a Child

12. Skip like a toddler

As I discussed above, joy is the very best vibration there’s. Skip like a toddler for a minute or longer to counter the depressive or indignant ideas (or the sudden destructive emotional state you bought into). That is great to do on a daily day whenever you wake up grumpy or with a nasty dream that you could’t shake off.

13. Clap Your Arms

Sound might be created by any device, including your arms. Clapping works superbly, especially when combined with singing a fun tune, a joyful music or whistling. Stroll around your area while clapping, and it’s also possible to skip when you’re doing this. Any (or all three combined) will increase your vibration and repel unfavourable energies so that you might be free to expertise joy again.

14. Dance it off

I assure you, should you dance to “Love Shack” or “Footloose”, will probably be exhausting to maintain your adverse mood or these lower energies hooked up to you. This is good in case you like to dance. Make a playlist for occasions like these and throw a couple of of your favourite songs into it to dance to.

A couple of ideas for cover…

15. Interact with the protection prayer (#5) recurrently

Repeat the prayer in the morning an at night time (or even in between). Another concept is to hand-write it and maintain it in your wallet or the dashboard of your automotive. It’s also possible to write it behind a cheerful photograph of you ( as a toddler or as an grownup) that you simply hold by your mattress. It’s not narcissistic, it’s self-love.

16. Use pine for cover

Minimize off a small piece of pine needle branch (measurement of your hand will suffice) from a pine tree and put it in a vase or a glass of water. When you’ve completed the clearing through the use of the strategies above, set the intention that the pine needles repel and intimidate these decrease energies in order that they don’t come again. In case you’re in a weak stage in your life, hold it around for some time. Give thanks and love to the pine for letting you profit from its protecting power. Replenish the water every different day as a means to look after and respect the pine for its service.

17. Watch your words, actions, and karma

This is very important. Typically once we are confused or upset with somebody, we don’t concentrate to our thoughts, words or actions, and might ship out adverse power to others. It might really feel good at the time nevertheless it opens us up for decrease energies to enter our area. Like attracts like. In case you are obsessing on damaging feelings or thoughts about someone (deserving or undeserving) and do not train your free will to distract yourself from considering, feeling or wishing badly, the boomerang impact will show up in your life. Perhaps not the subsequent day but ultimately it can. I skilled this with nice regret! The perfect thing to do is to ask your ‘higher self’ to make you conscious of these occasions once you need to pull yourself up from these thoughts and feelings. This is when you need to use laughter to clear them away. What we give out, we obtain!

18. Discover methods to counter stress

Stress is part of everyday life, but if it is ongoing and you do nothing to diffuse it with rest, train, dance, artwork, a fun exercise or significant connections, you’ll be more prone to discordant, lower energies attaching to you. Do your greatest to make rest, rest, a healthy diet and laughter a priority, even for 5 minutes a day to maintain your power robust.

19. Make figure eight movements for aura strengthening

You’ll be able to combine this with the drum music enjoying in the background. Rotate around as you progress each arms in a determine eight motion – as in case you are an orchestra conductor. Start from the ground and go up as you retain rotating and go back down in the direction of the floor. Ensure you cowl all 4 directions. Do this for at the very least one minute or longer to strengthen your aura.

20. Undertake a Tree!

Sure, you’ll be able to undertake a tree in an area park, or on a walking path – one that calls to you – then make it yours. Lean towards that tree for a minimum of 15 minutes and ask it to pull out something in your power subject and body that is of vibration less than love. It really works! I can guarantee you that in the event you build a relationship with it, speak to it and give it heartfelt thanks, you will be able to clear away anything in a brief period of time, and depart the tree feeling mild, uplifted and beloved.

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Banu SekendurBanu Sekendur is a author, instructor, coach, small business cheerleader and an intuitive (not in any specific order) with a twin Masters in Psychological Health Counseling and Artwork Therapy. A life-long seeker, Banu has been in the workings of the human psyche since childhood and has devoted her life to helping individuals uncover, personal and reside who they really are ~ and to build a cheerful life round that.

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