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Ballot harvesting: humanitarian hoax 35

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Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting
a damaging coverage as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster
presents himself as a compassionate advocate when the truth is he’s the
disguised enemy.

Ballot harvesting outlined

Harvesting is defined as accumulating or obtaining a useful resource for
future use. We generally equate harvesting with agricultural crops –
however in the 21st century harvesting has much more to do with political
crops – the resource is votes.

Ballot harvesting is just like the Greek hydra – the various headed
snake whose heads grew as they have been minimize off. So, let’s look at the
heads of this poll harvesting Democrat hydra.

Ballot harvesting is defined as the political jargon for a
follow through which organized staff or volunteers gather absentee
ballots from certain voters and drop them off at a polling place or
election office. WHAT?

Why ballot harvesting violates confidentiality

Let’s assessment. In poll harvesting somebody picks up someone
else’s ballots and drop them off elsewhere. Any voter who has
ever voted in individual knows that nice care is taken to safe the
confidentiality of voters and the legitimacy of their votes. Ballots
are crammed out in the privateness of a voting sales space, placed right into a
secrecy envelope, and then hand delivered by the voter into a machine
that mechanically pulls the poll into itself. No one in addition to the
voter touches his poll – the poll chain is unbroken.

Voting is probably the most sacred of rights assured by our Structure
and is protected at every point within the voting course of. The concept
organized staff decide up ballots and drop them off at a polling
place or election office is equivalent to a damaged chain of proof
in a legal jury trial. When the chain is damaged the evidence is
inadmissible because it might have been tampered with.

Breaking the chain of custody

Anybody with a functioning mind cell understands that poll
harvesting is an invite for voter fraud because the ballot chain
is broken.

Ballot harvesting is the first head of the hydra, subsequent are unclean
voting rolls. Tom Fitton, government president of Judicial Watch, has
demonstrated that underneath Obama the voter rolls were not up to date, so
lifeless individuals have been nonetheless on the rolls, and individuals who had moved away
have been nonetheless listed, and illegals have been voting. This is the second head
on the hydra of voter fraud.

Maintaining inactive voters on the rolls—to vote in
their place?

In 2012, Obama’s corrupt lawyer basic Eric Holder truly
Florida “to dam its efforts to purge its voter rolls of lifeless
individuals and non-U.S. citizens and to cease additional attempts before the
November 2012 presidential election.”

Fitton just gained a huge case in California during which Los Angeles
County has sent notices to 1.5 million inactive voters. This is the
first step toward removing ineligible voters from the voter rolls.
Los Angeles County with over 10 million residents, had allowed extra
than 20% of its registered voters to stay inactive with out eradicating
them from the voter record as required by regulation. California had not
cleaned its voter rolls in 20 years!

Purging inactive voters is crucial to the integrity of elections
as a result of maintaining accurate voter
registration lists insures that eligible voters forged a single
ballot of their correct jurisdiction.

The National Voter Registration Act

The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) permits states to remove
voters who have not voted in two consecutive federal basic
elections and have failed to answer a confirmation discover from an
elections workplace. Voters are also removed from the record who’re
convicted felons, have died, moved to a special jurisdiction, are
mentally incompetent, or request removing themselves.

The National Voter Registration Act is usually referred to as the “motor
voter” regulation because it offers provisions for voter registration at
native Department of Motor Car (DMV) workplaces. That brings us to
the third head on the hydra of voter fraud.

New York just lately made it lawful for illegal aliens to receive
drivers licenses. This makes it extremely straightforward to implement the subsequent
incremental step for Democrats to harvest votes – permitting illegals
to legally vote. EXCUSE ME? Sure, the leftist Democrats leading the
get together need unlawful aliens to vote – of course they do – illegals
will vote for Democrats and maintain them in energy for the foreseeable

An honor system

A June 19, 2019 Breitbart
article explains,

In New York, U.S. residents only need a driver’s license
to register to vote and although candidates are required to swear that
they are eligible to vote, state election officials advised the Submit
that “it’s basically and honor system.”

HONOR SYSTEM? Illegals are on this nation illegally! How can an
honor system probably apply?

The humanitarian hoax of ballot harvesting is an assault on the
Constitution because its goal is to make citizenship irrelevant
by giving ILLEGAL aliens the identical rights as authorized citizens. This is
the way it works.

Democrats wail about inhumane circumstances at the southern border.
They intentionally ignore the fact that illegal alien mother and father are
liable for placing their youngsters in danger by trying to
ILLEGALLY enter the USA.

Expedient “concern” on the border

In the course of the Obama years, for twenty months from January, 2009 till
November, 2010, the Democrats held each homes of Congress and the
presidency. For twenty months they selected to disregard the rising border
disaster and its humanitarian penalties. In reality, it was Obama who
put unlawful alien youngsters in cages.

Now, with an upcoming election, the Democrats find it politically
expedient to weep about housing and medical look after illegals.
Housing for illegals? Medical look after illegals? What about housing
and medical look after legal residents of america who’re
struggling financially? Regardless of – the Democrats do not care about
authorized residents as a result of their objective is harvesting ballots by means of
unlawful immigration.

Made for poll harvesting

Keep in mind, harvesting is the apply of amassing or acquiring a
useful resource for future use. Unlawful aliens are a bonanza for Democrats
because they’re the most important useful resource for future votes conceivable.
Democrats do not care if the huge invasion on the border collapses
the welfare system – they need to collapse the system. It’s the
and Piven strategy1
for social chaos and economic collapse that precedes socialism. Let
me explain.

President Trump’s America-first presidency and economic policies
have been so successful that the Democrats can’t probably collapse
the financial system some other method. The mass invasion of illegals into the
nation serve a dual function – collapsing our booming financial system and
harvesting votes for Democrats.

In case there’s anyone who truly believes that having illegal
aliens overrun and collapse the U.S. financial system is an effective factor –
let’s speak about what is going to occur if this invasion just isn’t stopped.

In service to a last goal

If Democrats will not be stopped, they usually achieve poll
harvesting to win the 2020 election, the invasion on our southern
border will continue. The huge influx of unlawful immigrants will
overwhelm and necessarily collapse the social welfare system, then
social chaos and riots will comply with. When the country turns into
ungovernable Martial regulation will probably be declared. At that time socialism
can be imposed in preparation for the ultimate goal – one-world
government. The leftist Democrats screaming for open borders and
socialism are the useful idiots for the globalist elites who finance
their political campaigns and anti-American insurance policies.

Globalists have a singular goal – one-world authorities
dominated by themselves in fact.

Earlier than any voter is foolish sufficient to purchase into the con of leftist
Democrats promoting socialism and open borders let’s look at
socialism. First, free stuff isn’t free. You pay together with your
freedom. So, let’s talk about freedom.

No personal anything in socialism

In socialist nations the government owns all production and is
in command of distributing whatever is produced. There isn’t a personal
ownership. This means there isn’t a middle class or upward mobility in
socialism because there isn’t any personal property. The Democrat
candidates hawking socialism never point out these essential particulars.

The humanitarian hoax of poll harvesting is an insidious energy
grab by leftist Democrats intent on utilizing unlawful aliens for votes.
If the leftist Democrats succeed of their power-grab and win the 2020
election, america of America will cease to be a free

Trendy feudalism

Socialism is only a variation on the feudal construction of a very
small ruling elite at the prime of the social pyramid and a very giant
population of slaves on the bottom who service them. There isn’t a
middle class in feudalism – there isn’t any freedom – there are only
masters and slaves.

Be careful whom you vote for in 2020. Leftism is the trail to socialism, and socialism is the path to feudalism.

Select freedom and vote for our America-first President Donald Trump. Choose freedom to protect our sovereignty and valuable Structure that guarantees our liberties – including our property rights. In a free country we belong to ourselves and will not be vassals of the state.

Concerning the picture

Joe Corridor, on Flickr, shot this image of returned ballots marked DECEASED. He shared this with the Artistic Commons Attribution 2.zero Generic License.

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