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Honesty, Integrity, and Judge Roy Moore – Constitution Party

By Gary Welch, National Communications Director of the Constitution Party

The first precept of the Constitution Party states “We are committed to restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to government”. Embodied in that statement are objectives, commitments, and policies that may change how our authorities operates and the character of people who serve as government officers. It incorporates our dedication to having candidates and government officers which are honorable men and ladies who will probably be held accountable for their integrity, conduct, and actions.

On November 16th, the Nationwide Government Committee of the Constitution Party voted to start out a fundraising effort to help Judge Roy Moore in his Senate campaign in Alabama.

Some might think about this a controversial determination because (a) it contradicts our standing policy of not endorsing or formally supporting any candidate from another get together and (b) as a result of the nature of the accusations towards Roy Moore have convinced many (including some staunch conservatives) that supporting him can be violating that first precept of honesty, integrity, and accountability in authorities.

I really feel that it is necessary that the Constitution Party explains its actions and uses this opportunity to elucidate how this applies to our unwavering dedication to restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to government.

We start with the social gathering’s position on the guilt or innocence of Roy Moore. Our official stance is identical of that of President Trump’s – we do not make any career of the innocence or guilt of Roy Moore. We maintain that there has not been sufficient time allowed to offer for the reality to be absolutely recognized. As such, it will be equally silly to declare his innocence or guilt based mostly solely on the details that we at present have. By taking over the fundraising efforts for Roy Moore, we aren’t doing so because we’re satisfied on his innocence nor does it point out our refutation of the claims which were made. As an alternative, our determination to help him got here from the following standards:

  1. There has not been enough time to guage the evidence that has been introduced. We’ve not heard each side nor has Roy Moore been allowed adequate time to defend towards his accusers. The knowledge that has been introduced thus far has been all one sided. The Washington Publish had plenty of time to build its case of their article and to dig for proof that supported their case. Judge Moore deserves adequate time to offer proof that helps his position or refutes the statements which were made. The condemnations and actions by the media, authorities officials, and especially the Republican Party, have come too shortly with out providing Roy Moore the opportunity to defend himself. We find the pronouncement of guilt was all too swift and finished without giving him the time wanted to mount a defense. The investigation and research into the accusations, the accusers, and the information surrounding case will take time. We don’t know what new evidence or information will come out from this, however we strongly feel that Judge Moore deserves enough time to offer a protection and he was not allowed this chance.
  2. Roy Moore has earned the best to be given the opportunity to defend himself. His actions and sacrifices has shown him to be an adherent to Christian rules and that deserves the decency of giving him the chance to prove his case. Character does matter, and past actions must be thought-about when determining innocence or guilt of a person accused of such a grievous crime. Again, we don’t really feel that his past alone mechanically makes him innocent, nevertheless it does warrant that we should always rigorously evaluate the evidence and present him with the chance to refute or disprove the allegations.
  3. We’ve got some critical considerations concerning the motives and the actions of a few of the individuals on this scandal, principally with the Washington Publish and the GOP.
    1. First, the Washington Publish’s assertion that they only knew concerning the scandal solely just lately is tough to consider. A scandal of this magnitude would have been obtainable to any investigative journalist in the course of the primaries. The place have been the accusers during that point? Why have been their considerations about Roy Moore not expressed and revealed back when Roy Moore was operating in the primaries? The Washington Publish says that they didn’t do any critical investigations on any candidate in Alabama till after the primaries. Actually? The Alabama main was one of the largest political information occasion of the time. Nobody from the Washington Submit was there to cover it? Nobody was asking the questions on Roy Moore that might shed any mild on him as an appropriate candidate? The timeline of when the Washington Submit knew concerning the accusations can be essential in figuring out the motivation and the aim of the article. Is it a “hit-piece” that’s designed to derail the Republican nominee after the primaries to make sure a Democrat victory or is it simply what the Washington Submit declares it to be, something that came up out of nowhere as part of the coverage of the election? The previous historical past of the Washington Publish’s biased reporting should set off some skepticism of the article, its purposes, and the agenda of the reporters that broke the story. At a minimal, there must be an investigation into how the Washington Submit carried out its investigation. Who did they speak to? What did they determine to use or omit of their story? When did they discover out about this info? Their story requires us to simply accept that the whole lot the Washington Publish did was unbiased and coincidental to this race. We now have a hard time accepting that.
    2. Second, the GOP’s reaction could be very suspect. The history of the Republican Party in defending and staunchly declaring the innocence of their candidates (even when overwhelming evidence of their guilt existed) is known. Their ethical outrage towards Roy Moore sounds each hole and contrived. Everyone knows that the 2 main political events don’t act organically. Every little thing that they do is a part of a coordinated effort that is orchestrated by their get together leaders. So, the questions that we began asking all began with “Why?”. Why would they flip towards Roy Moore just based mostly on nothing more than accusations and hearsay? Why flip towards their candidate in the course of the center of a marketing campaign? Why are they sabotaging their very own candidate and making certain that a Democrat will win the election? Why the extraordinarily quick condemnation from celebration leaders and authorities officials (the accusations have been barely out earlier than the condemnations started)? Why use threats of unseating Judge Moore or expelling him from the Senate if elected? The reply of “because of moral outrage and to maintain the reputation of the GOP candidates” is laughable. Even very current historical past has proven that they put social gathering politics over morality and candidate fame every single day of the week.

Our questioning of the “why did the GOP do this?” led us to answers that this was an act of a corrupt celebration that was extra concerned about maintaining the facility base of the political elites even at the cost of an election. That a Democrat would win the election was well worth the worth for social gathering leaders to take care of their control and energy.

It is well-known that Roy Moore was not the candidate that the Republican elitists needed. His election was another blow to the get together leaders which have taken the GOP to new lows and alienated their Republican base. Atypical Republicans are beginning to rebel towards the course that their social gathering is taking and are preventing to elect true conservatives to workplace. Roy Moore was just one other instance of mainstream Republicans rejecting their get together’s management selection and deciding to choose a candidate that represented their values, not the social gathering elitists’.

The actions of the RNC (both in celebration management and government officials) clearly demonstrated to us that this was an act of political get together that needed to punish the Republicans of Alabama for daring to elect a candidate that may not “play ball” with the political elites. Roy Moore had made a reputation for himself in thumbing his nose at GOP management that did not uphold the rules that they supposedly stood for. His election was simply too much for them and they retaliated.

Which brings us to the primary cause why we at the moment are financially supporting Roy Moore. We feel that the GOP is trying to invalidate the selection made by the individuals of Alabama. These newest actions are the acts of a determined celebration that’s making an attempt to take care of their energy over the individuals. Any acts of revolt or non-compliance with the GOP leaderships’ agenda, have to be handled severely and shortly. That they are violating their very own rules, the elemental rules of due course of, and (most significantly) the desire of the individuals of Alabama, compelled us to behave and take extraordinary motion.

Lastly, we have to tackle our motion relating to supporting a candidate from one other celebration. That one was straightforward for us. Roy Moore doesn’t have a party affiliation in our opinion. The RNC has clearly abandoned him. For now, he is now an “Independent” candidate that is appearing on his own. Because the GOP has disowned him, he’s free to associate himself with any celebration that he feels would help him in his efforts to vary American politics and the right position of presidency. As such, we feel that we are free to offer him our assistance as a party to proceed his marketing campaign and to offer him with the chance to defend himself and make his case to the individuals of Alabama and America.

Corrupt Politicians Come From A Corrupt Party. The Constitution Party calls on all People to examine the newest actions of the GOP and ask yourself if the GOP must be the celebration representing the cause of the conservative movement. No matter whether you personally really feel Roy Moore is innocent or guilty, it’s essential to take a look at the current actions of the GOP and think about their motives and agenda.

The Constitution Party stands for Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability in Authorities. Our get together is predicated on these rules because they construct the inspiration for creating a free and affluent society. We aren’t compromising on these rules by supporting Judge Roy Moore. Should proof be proven to our satisfaction that the allegations towards Roy Moore are true, then we will be the first to condemn and disavow him. This might apply to any candidate or leader within our celebration. At present, nevertheless, we really feel that these are just allegations and accusations. They have to be completely investigated and vetted. People who help and consider in Roy Moore want time to hold out the process of mounting a protection in order that we will base our opinion (and our votes) on fact and not innuendo.

We ask People from throughout to assist help us in this cause and to think about that perhaps there’s one other selection in politics. When is sufficient is enough?

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