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that is Darrell Citadel with as we speak’s Citadel Report. Immediately I will probably be
talking about what I call insanity, because it is mindless to me.
It ought to make no sense to anyone but to those whose brains are wired
to a certain end, I suppose that ripping aside the fabric of
civilization in the pursuit of raw political power makes a point
of sense.

An train in insanity: Hamburger Hill

In Might fell the 50th anniversary of the Battle for
Hamburger Hill. My local newspaper, The Business Attraction
(Memphis, Tn.), did a special report on that battle.

As People this weekend memorialize the casualties of
our conflict lifeless, a small band of U.S. soldiers of the 101st airborne
division will recall in their collective reminiscences that they have been
comrades’ in-arms of a famous battle through the Vietnam Warfare. The
Battle of Hamburger Hill, fought 50 years ago this month, is seared
into the reminiscences of its members; a wrestle in the closely
contested A Shau Valley. Fought over a selected mountain, generally known as
Hill 937, denoted for its peak in meters (approximately 3000 ft),
it was also referred to as Dong Ap Bia by the North Vietnamese, which
interprets into “Mountain of the Crouching Beast.

Insane losses – to no good objective

The airborne battalion of the 101st suffered 71 lifeless
and 372 wounded, a casualty fee equal to greater than 70% per cent of
the battalion. This report goes on to say that they spent their final
breath in a hellish place so keep in mind them. Nothing I say in this
Report is meant to criticize those that fought and died there or in
some other place our army is dedicated. I used to be one of them virtually
50 years ago. But as we speak I criticize solely those that sent us and who
still send us. Wasting one of the most effective battalions in the United
States Army by sending it up that hill looks like either a monumental
mistake or the height of madness, however perhaps hindsight is 20/20.

The drawback lies with a overseas policy that places individuals in
positions of preventing wars that don’t must be fought and frankly
shouldn’t be an American concern. The United States had many
alternatives to avoid what happened in Vietnam in 1945, in 1954, in
1958, and in 1963. The management might have chosen totally different paths,
however as an alternative they selected the paths with all of the traps and in they went.

Attitudes towards management then…

I do know that in my years as a Marine Officer virtually 50 years
ago, I and the opposite young officers with me didn’t spend rather a lot of
time pondering this stuff, no less than not brazenly. Open criticism of
general technique by the officer corps and/or the civilian leadership
would have appeared disloyal and would by no means have happened. We just
assumed that the individuals we have been presupposed to battle wanted to be fought
in order that’s what we did.

…and now

I’ve had many alternatives to think about it within the intervening
years, nevertheless, and I’ve tried to take advantage and assume. It has
occurred to me that once we go overseas to kill foreigners, the individuals
we’re killing, and who are making an attempt as arduous as they will to kill us,
must be a direct menace to america to at the very least some
degree. The individuals we fought in Vietnam had zero potential to hurt the
United States in any method in any way.

If our enemy isn’t a direct menace, and actually, is completely
incapable of harming america then what’s the point. We
fought them and they killed virtually 60,000 of us and we killed God
solely knows what number of of them, perhaps a pair of million and yet they
could not have immediately harmed us if we had remained as distant from
there as attainable.

Actual enemies then and later

The different factor that has occurred to me through the years is that the
United States has actual enemies absolutely capable of helping to crack
aside our complete civilization sitting in the halls of Congress and
the Senate. It requires a wierd leap of madness to permit that to
happen, however however there it’s.

Now quick ahead a couple of years and you will be able to see a really
apparent pattern that signifies the identical factor continues as we speak. The
month of Might can also be the 15th anniversary of the battle of
Fallujah, Iraq. It was one other bloody, bitter wrestle within the streets
of Fallujah when United States Marines fought what have been often
known as insurgents or militants. It appears to me that we should always
not be afraid to name them what they clearly are — troopers of

From Marine officer to reporter

The story of the battle was written for The Sunday New
York Occasions last Sunday by a reporter named Elliot Ackerman who
was a Marine Lieutenant. and platoon leader in that battle. Mr.
Ackerman wrote an ideal report of the battle step by step as he advised
how he led his platoon via the various hazards of battle and by way of
the fog of warfare regardless of struggling many casualties. I feel the Marines
misplaced 31 lifeless in Fallujah. For his efforts he was awarded the Silver
Star, and he used the quotation from his award to put in writing his article.

Hamburger Hill yet again

Lt. Ackerman could also be a reporter for The New York Occasions
at present, but I respect him for what he did and for what he as soon as was.
The relaxation of the story is very similar to Hamburger Hill in that they
fought, they killed, they died and for what. It’s fairly clear
now that the story of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was a lie
and it’s also clear that Iraq and Saddam Hussein had little if
something to do with the 911 attacks. Our best buddies eternally, the
Saudis, had rather a lot to do with it apparently, as a result of 15 of 19 911
hijackers have been Saudis and but no invasion of Saudi Arabia. On the
contrary, the USA is presently offering logistical and
Particular Forces help for Saudi Arabia because it fights a proxy struggle
towards Iran on the soil of Yemen.

The real enemies of American civilization

As soon as once more, I’m afraid that the actual enemies of our civilization
reside in and round Washington D.C. slightly than the streets of
Fallujah, or the poorest areas of Yemen. I just read the place many of
these leaders in Washington are urging the President to maintain troops
in Syria indefinitely to strain Iran and Russia. Struggle is, in any case,
a younger man’s recreation. Young men pull the triggers and kick the doorways,
crawl down the rat holes and young males fill the cemeteries, however previous
males, most of whom have never had to do these issues, send them to do

Two wars, Vietnam, and Iraq/Afghanistan, which have occupied a lot
of the submit World Warfare ll historical past of the USA, have served to
spread the cracks showing in our civilization. Those cracks grow
wider every day as we develop numb to the by no means ending nature of in the present day’s
wars. Many cracks in our civilization have appeared through the years,
but we all the time a minimum of tried to restore them every so often.
Now, we intentionally unfold them apart in order that they grow wider and less
subject to restore.

Again to the French Revolution

The first cracks in the best way of life we name Western Civilization
can in all probability be traced back to the French Revolution, which destroyed
Roman Catholic France and left it a secular country. You may notice
that the good works of artwork, literature, and music occurred before
the French Revolution. The Revolution and the reign of Napoleon took
the wind from the sails of Western Civilization however the basis
nonetheless held.

Advice bordering on insanity?

President Trump looks like a man with little or no philosophical
underpinnings, i.e., there’s nothing he believes in enough to go to
the wall for it. Such individuals are typically influenced a terrific deal by
these with whom they surround themselves. Proper now he is surrounded
by John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, and these are two men who advocate
warfare as the answer to every overseas policy drawback.

They need to hold U.S. troops in Syria indefinitely, they need to
stay in Afghanistan indefinitely, as if 18 years shouldn’t be indefinite,
and of course they still need to continue aiding our proxy, the
Saudis of their conflict in Yemen. They wait in nice anticipation of the
probability for a army encounter with Iran that could possibly be used to
justify an attack however, a navy struggle in the tight confines of the
Persian Gulf can be harmful because of the hundreds of sea
skimming supersonic missiles that Iran reportedly has, but they nonetheless

From the Middle East to Venezuela

These Center East wars are regularly bringing the non-compliant
nations into full compliance with the calls for of the empire. These
who persist of their refusal to conform have an uncommon means of turning
up lifeless. Take a look at Quaddifi in Libya, the empire demanded that he give
up on his Pan-African Union and his gold backed foreign money and he
refused so now he is lifeless. Saddam refused to deliver Iraq into
compliance and he was hanged. Mubarak in Egypt refused to help
Israel and the Saudis, and he is in an Egyptian prison. Assad in
Syria has been underneath assault for many years.

With the compliance of Ecuador and its handing over Julian
Assange, because of the brand new leadership’s accepting four.2 billion
dollars in cost, Venezuelan is concerning the last South or Latin
American country not in full compliance. Even The Ortegas in
Nicaragua appear to have accepted the provided bribes. Maduro is a tough
headed one in Venezuela, nevertheless, and the U.S. has imposed such
draconian sanctions that its individuals are starving. I’ve heard that
crime has diminished somewhat although since there’s nearly nothing
left value stealing.

Financial warfare?

My neighbor across the street is a physician from Venezuela who
travels back there very often to go to her mother. We speak from time
to time about circumstances there and she tells me that it is extremely
determined and individuals simply need one thing to happen that may relieve
their misery. Nobody appears to understand how a lot of the distress is induced
by silly socialist policies and how much is brought on by silly U.S.
financial warfare.

Economic warfare is presently being waged towards many nations
on the earth including Venezuela, Iran, China, Russia, and North
Korea, among others. I am one who thinks the U.S., aka the Trump
administration, will win its commerce struggle with China. Trump is a reasonably
exhausting nosed businessman and he isn’t afraid to make use of whatever leverage
he has. China buys 150 billion value of items from the U.S. annually
whereas the U.S. buys 600 billion value of items from China. That’s a
commerce deficit of 450 billion or 450 billion flowing out of the U.S.
and into China annually. The Chinese language, in different words, absolutely
should have the American markets and that is leverage for the U.S.

Cracks in civilization?

Lastly people, all this insanity creates great social upheaval
and opens great cracks in our civilization. No statesmen seem to
restore the cracks and to teach their constituencies on the
Constitution and why it is extra relevant at the moment than ever however that is
one other Report for an additional week.

At the least that’s the best way I see it.

Until next time people,

This is Darrell Citadel.

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