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Tommy Robinson case: humanitarian hoax

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Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting
a damaging policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster
presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in reality he is the
disguised enemy.

Tommy Robinson and his unjust conviction

The conviction of journalist Tommy Robinson is a humanitarian hoax
that has destroyed free speech in England and threatens free speech
worldwide. What does this need to do with America?

Tommy Robinson is a British journalist who has been reporting on
Muslim rape gangs all through England which were raping little
English faculty women with impunity for decades. The savagery of their
acts, and that British authorities are overlaying up this large
atrocity towards the innocent, is extraordinarily destabilizing to British
society. Civilized individuals reject the safety of perpetrators at
the expense of victims.

For civilized individuals, Tommy Robinson is the heroic whistleblower
who uncovered the horror of Muslim rape gangs and their unspeakable
acts of barbarity in England. British society experiences monumental
confusion and cognitive dissonance as a result of British authorities
shield Muslim rape gangs and embolden them by prohibiting the
reporting of their heinous acts of savagery. Why is that this occurring?

Let’s type this out by analyzing the reasons in numerical order.

4 the reason why the authorities sent Tommy
Robinson to jail

1. Tolerism

Tolerism is defined by Howard Rotberg in his 2014 guide, Tolerism:
The Ideology Revealed, as “extreme leniency to opinions of
sure teams, and excessive intolerance to the opinions of different
teams.” Rotberg explains that the breakdown of Western society is
a direct result of Leftist tolerists who insist that tolerance is
extra worthwhile than justice.

The as soon as free Britain has lowered itself to a dhimmi nation by
tolerating its sharia compliant Muslim inhabitants on the expense of
its native Christian inhabitants. Make no mistake, there’s an Islamic
spiritual conflict being waged worldwide that seeks to get rid of competing
religions and establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate dominated by spiritual
sharia regulation. Britain’s leaders are tolerists insisting that
tolerating Muslim rape gangs within the identify of cultural variety is
extra essential than justice for its victims. Tolerism is Britain’s
fatally flawed political ideology providing victory to the Muslim
Brotherhood, the multi-national organization that has declared
Islamic spiritual conflict on the West.

Did you get the memo?

Anybody who nonetheless questions the worldwide intentions of the Muslim
Brotherhood ought to read its 1991
An Explanatory Memorandum: From the Archives of the Muslim
Brotherhood in America the overall strategic objectives for the group
in North America.

Populism rejects the twisted logic of political tolerism and
embraces the widespread sense warning of Austrian/British 20th century
thinker Sir Karl Popper:

If we prolong limitless tolerance even to those that are
illiberal, if we aren’t ready to defend a tolerant society
towards the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will probably be
destroyed, and tolerance with them. . . . We should always subsequently claim,
in the identify of tolerance, the correct to not tolerate the intolerant.

The British courtroom’s choice values tolerance over justice. Why
would they do this?

2. Leftist/Islamist Alliance

In America the Leftist/Islamist
is making an attempt to destabilize and overthrow duly elected populist
President Donald Trump. POTUS is the consummate whistleblower in
America, exposing the staggering malfeasance of the Washington swamp
and the Leftists, Islamists, and globalists who stay there.

Leftists in America

Islamic tenets of misogyny, homophobia, antisemitism,
pedophilia, gang raping non-Muslim little women, female genital
mutilation, and spouse beating so long as these sharia-compliant
Muslims are anti-American anti-Trumpers. Any anti-American anti-Trump
Islamist is welcomed into the Leftist tribe as a result of they are all
warriors in the Tradition Warfare towards America. America-first President
Donald Trump is the existential enemy of the Tradition Struggle and the
goal of the Leftist/Islamist alliance.

Tommy Robinson has distinguished company

In England, the Labor get together is equal to the Leftist Democrat
get together in America. Both want globalism to national sovereignty. In
England, the Labor/Islamist alliance is making an attempt to destabilize England
and create chaos to subvert the desire of the individuals and cease the
implementation of BREXIT.

So, what do President Trump and Tommy Robinson have in widespread?
Tommy Robinson is the whistleblower in England and the existential
enemy of the leftist Labor social gathering that prefers tolerism to justice.

Tommy Robinson and President Trump are claiming, within the identify of
tolerance, the appropriate to not tolerate the intolerant.

three. Tolerism vs Justice

What’s the objective of tolerism in England and America? Why do
Leftists in America and Labor in England ignore the apparent
violations of the legal guidelines and norms of their Judeo-Christian nations
and give up their culture to the savagery and barbarism of Islamic
sharia norms?

Tolerism is a paradox because tolerists selectively determine what to
tolerate. Whistleblowing and fact telling about Muslim rape gangs is
not tolerated – it’s criminalized. So, a two-tier system of justice
is established that prohibits anti-Muslim speech and protects
anti-Christian and antisemitic speech. Why?

If you want to know the motive, take a look at the outcome. The consequences of
this egregious double normal is that anti-Christian burning of
church buildings, and antisemitism including defacing synagogues is rampant
and unpunished in England. If the British courts proceed to protect
sharia compliant Muslim perpetrators and their felony acts on the
expense of native Britains, social chaos will end result. Keep in mind,
seismic social change requires social chaos.

Tommy Robinson exposes the truth

Tommy Robinson and President Trump, each in his personal method, is
exposing the truth of tolerism and its international anti-American,
anti-British attacks on our sovereignty and shared Judeo-Christian
norms. Their separate efforts proceed to unravel the continued
deceitful multi-national efforts fomenting the social chaos crucial
to impose a globalized New World Order.

Sir Karl Popper warned us about tolerism. George Orwell warned us

During occasions of universal deceit, telling the truth
turns into a revolutionary act.

4. Freedom of Speech

Each tyrannical regime the world has ever recognized begins its reign
of terror by eliminating freedom of speech. Lenin did it, Trotsky did
it, Hitler did it, now Leftists in England and in America are doing
it by disingenuously relabeling free speech as hate speech. There’s
no freedom without freedom of speech which is why speech is
universally the first freedom eradicated by despots.

The same tolerist Tradition Warfare being waged towards America by the
Leftist/Islamist alliance is attacking England. Leftism and Islamism
have widespread cause to destroy the status quo despite the fact that their
ultimate goals will make them inevitable enemies. The Islamists
are preventing for a worldwide spiritual Islamic caliphate. The
Leftists/Labor are preventing to destroy the national sovereignty and
cultural identities of their respective nations in preparation for
socialism in America, and a unified European State in England.

Tommy Robinson v. the helpful idiots

The irony, in fact, is that members of the
Leftist/Labor/Islamist alliance are all useful idiots for the
globalist elite who finance and foment their lawlessness. The
alliance members are just too conceited to comprehend they’re
collaborating in their very own destruction.

Seismic social change requires social chaos. The
Leftist/Labor/Islamic alliances in the USA and England are
offering the required social chaos for the globalists who absolutely
intend to impose a New World Order – an internationalized world dominated
by themselves beneath the corrupt auspices of the United
There isn’t a humanitarianism in the conviction of whistleblower Tommy
Robinson. His conviction is part of the coordinated attack on free
speech and a free and sovereign England imposed by the globalist
elite using tolerism and the unholy Labor/Islamist alliance.

Free speech is lifeless

July eight, 2019 will probably be recorded because the day free speech died in
Britain, the day Tommy Robinson was convicted for reporting the crime
of Muslim rape gangs in England. The one regulation that Tommy Robinson
broke was the Islamic supremacist sharia regulation forbidding criticism of
Islam. Islamic sharia regulation doesn’t contemplate the raping of little
English faculty women to be a criminal offense – the prohibition is towards
criticizing and reporting it. England has decreased itself to a
grotesque dhimmi nation prepared to sacrifice its own little women in
a globalist power seize that requires social chaos.

The humanitarian hoax of tolerism that convicted Tommy Robinson
should not be allowed to silence him completely. Hopefully, populist
President Donald Trump will grant Tommy Robinson humanitarian asylum
in america where he can nonetheless expose the realities of an
Islamicized England. Britain is, in any case, the proverbial canary in
the expansionist Islamist coal mine.

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