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Why Guy Ritchie Should Direct a Comic Movie… STAT!

A couple weekends again, Guy Ritchie managed to have his first $100 million opener because of the Disney musical-fantasy epic Aladdin, and it’s presently on its approach to match the unique animated film’s $200 million gross. Perhaps that’s not fairly on par with a few of Disney’s largest openers, nevertheless it’s fairly good for a Memorial Day weekend launch with combined critiques.

This is Ritchie’s first actual hit in some time, since 2011’s Sherlock Holmes: A Recreation of Shadows, and it’s a film that appears so out of his wheelhouse – it’s a fantasy musical for household audiences – that studios can be clever to start out contemplating him for other things.

Let’s start with a few explanation why…

Walt Disney Footage

  1. Ritchie Can Handle Giant-Scale CG Films

This is very clear from Aladdin, but in addition from his Sherlock Holmes films which combined actual places with sound-stages and superb CG-enhanced places. The latter recreated Victorian London on a large scale while the town of Agrabah in Aladdin is a comparable achievement in production design and CG FX. When you think about those two films alone, the thought of having Ritchie doing one thing much more CG intensive – if that’s even attainable – would make him a good candidate for a comedian ebook film.

  1. Ritchie Has Robust Writing Chops

As proven throughout his career, Ritchie is a actually revolutionary writer, from the best way he reinvented the British crime genre in Lock, Inventory and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch to the best way he did for Sherlock Holmes when teamed with Robert Downey Jr. (a implausible author in his personal right). Virtually anybody you speak to in Hollywood will agree that a movie is nothing without a good script, and whether or not Ritchie is originating materials together with his personal screenplay (which he hasn’t been doing much of in recent times) or touching up a script he’ll direct (ala Aladdin), he regularly proves that he’s a robust writer with a good sense for pacing and tone.

This additionally ties into my subsequent level…

Sherlock Holmes

Warner Bros.

  1. Ritchie Has a Great Sense of Humor

From the inherent humor in his earliest movies, to the humor he delivered to newer films like The Man from U.N.C.L.E.and Aladdin, Ritchie clearly has no intention to make dark and grim films but knows that most individuals go to the films to be entertained and have fun. Perhaps a few of his humorousness hasn’t related or gone over the top of American audiences, however Ritchie has by no means been in the Zack Snyder camp the place every little thing needs to be grim and critical. That’s essential as a result of it’s been confirmed numerous occasions now

  1. He Is aware of The best way to Direct Thrilling Action Scenes

Again, one thing that’s been proven even together with his earlier unbiased movies and then carried via to Sherlock Holmes and his subsequent films, Ritchie has a distinctive type of directing motion that units his movie aside from the heightened motion of something like the Fast and the Furious or John Wick films.

  1. He Clearly Has an Affinity for Comic Ebook Properties

Though Ritchie has yet to direct a comic e-book movie, he’s been involved with the development of no less than two films based mostly on comedian books: Sgt. Rock and Lobo. Neither of these have happened, and there’s a good probability they never will, however the truth that he’s had interest in making films based mostly on comedian properties means he’s not utterly averse to the thought of creating one.

  1. He Has Good Relations with Multiple Studios

Doing so properly with Aladdin will certainly assist Disney take a look at who to probably direct future films, as they’ve continuously confirmed to be loyal to directors who’ve given them hits; see Jon Favreau for instance of this. Ritchie has had a long-time collaboration with Warner Bros: from his film Rocknrolla via his failed King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Their relationship was principally shaped by way of producer Joel Silver who had a production company beneath Warner Bros, but Warners was comfortable sufficient with the success of Ritchie’s two Sherlock Holmes that a third movie is in some part of improvement. Ritchie additionally has relations with Universal and Sony from his earliest movies Lock, Inventory and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, so if he have been to take meetings with a few of these studios, certainly they’ll have some comedian e-book variations which may benefit from the Ritchie touch.

There are a lot of options of comedian books that Ritchie can adapt, not just superhero films, so let’s take a look at a few of the ideas I came up with.

Green Lantern Corps

DC Comics

Green Lantern Corps

Ritchie has already proven that he can work properly with a numerous ensemble of actors going all the best way back to Lock, Inventory and going proper by means of Aladdin, a film with a principally black and brown forged. Inexperienced Lantern Corps takes the thought of variety to a entire new degree as the intergalactic peace-keeping drive is made up of aliens of all breeds, sizes and shapes.  You add to that Ritchie’s knack for humor and enormous CG worlds, and this might be the right playground for him to point out what he can do with a group of superheroes that may have the onus of Ryan Reynolds’ 2011 movie hanging over it even eight years later. One other nice indicator of how Ritchie ought to have the ability to nail this is in the event you contemplate the good hyper-real CG characters in Aladdin from Abu to Princess Jasmine’s tiger and the parrot Iago, all of whom have been capable of exhibit tons of emotions and character without seeming cartoonish. Now imagine that tactic put in the direction of a few of the aliens in the Green Lantern Corps.


This one won’t be so obvious until you’ve already seen Aladdin and you already understand how nicely Ritchie handles the world-creating needed for a fantasy movie, even one set within the historic Middle East comparable to Aladdin. Whereas Neil Gaiman’s Sandman had a variety of wonderful straight fantasy tales in addition to a few influenced by One Thousand and One Nights, the very nature of The Dreaming includes a little bit of creativity when it comes to production design in a method just like Aladdin, mixing real locations with these which might be extra fantastical. Who knows if this movie will even happen at this level, because the final writer Eric Heisserer just about gave up after delivering his draft, claiming that it ought to be a television collection ala Preacher and different comics which were tailored for the display.


Marvel Studios

The Hulk

How’s this for considering outdoors the field? There hasn’t been word of one other solo Hulk film for some time, but the reputation of Mark Ruffalo as the character in Thor: Ragnarok and the Avengers films would make it a clever transfer for Marvel and Common to figure out a solution to give The Hulk his personal film. I don’t know why, however I feel a Guy Ritchie Hulk film could be fun. Ritchie already has an in with Disney, plus he’s made a few films with Marvel’s wunderkind Robert Downey Jr, so perhaps the actor would advocate him for a directing gig.

God Country

One film I personally want to see is a movie based mostly on Donny Cates’ Image mini-series concerning the sword of the Gods and a battle by numerous factions to get their palms on it. The property requires a filmmaker with the power to create a film with a giant scale and vision, but in addition consists of quite a bit of smaller humor. The one factor which may not make Ritchie proper for this one is that it’s set completely within the American South, and I’m not convinced Ritchie has ever been to America outdoors New York or L.A. I just need to see this was a film, so sue me.


Aladdin exhibits off Ritchie’s means to work with youthful and more numerous expertise, and you may’t get extra numerous than the group of misfits within the Jim Shooter-created Valiant superteam who usually has been stored alive in numerous formats by the present Valiant Comics incarnation. Sony has this one on their slate though they could wait to see how Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot film works out before pursuing this. When you haven’t read the comics, it’s in all probability the closest a comedian has come to exploring what a real-world X-men may appear to be.

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

Black Mask

4 Youngsters Walk Into a Financial institution

Only only recently, it was announced that Matt Rosenberg is writing a screenplay based mostly on his Black Mask mini-series. While Ritchie hasn’t labored with youngsters per se, this looks like a good way for him to explore a crime film from a totally different perspective. The truth that he has 5 youngsters himself, three of them between five and eight, makes me assume that if he really needed to put in writing or direct one thing involving them, he’ll have loads of expertise in understanding how they assume.

Considered one of Mark Millar’s Many Comics

Though Mark Millar’s MillarWorld was purchased by Netflix over 18 months ago, there’s nonetheless a lot of Millar comics that have yet to be touched or adapted. Whereas Ritchie’s long-time pal and former producer Matthew Vaughn has usually overseen Millar variations like Kick-Ass and Kingsman, Netflix may see Ritchie as a attainable big-name director to help make one in every of their properties a actuality. The chances of this one are in all probability less possible, although, as a result of thus far, Netflix hasn’t introduced any MillarWorld films.

In fact, there are various different comics and graphic novels on the market, together with many not involving superheroes, that would benefit from the “Guy Ritchie touch”, however the above are simply a few ideas or strategies.

At present, Ritchie is ending up his subsequent ensemble crime-comedy The Gentlemen, which can be launched by STXfilms someday in 2020. It stars Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant and Henry Golding. In other phrases, it’s another (principally) British ensemble crime-comedy in the vein of Ritchie’s earlier work.

Ritchie can also be hooked up to 2 tasks, one referred to as Judgment Day, written by Matias Caruso, which is described as “an action thriller set at the end of days,” and Thomas Kelly’s Empire Rising. The tagline for the latter (in response to is “a construction worker on New York’s Empire State Building during the early 1930s gets caught up in a gun smuggling ring for the IRA and a love triangle with a beautiful artist.” Both of those undoubtedly sound correct up Ritchie’s alley, though neither has reported any progress.

Presumably, Ritchie will bounce onto one of many two films above, however now can be a good time for him to go around the studios and see what they’ve, because the success of Aladdin over the previous couple weekends will help put him back on the radars of studio execs.

Let us know within the comments what you assume!.